The Need for Compassion


There is growing research in the areas of kindness and compassion underlining the simple truth that kindness and compassion are good for you.  A heart filled with compassion has no desire to hurt anyone, including itself…. compassion is so tender, aware, considered and is driven by love and kindness…. Take this short journey regularly and watch your heart soften and your mind sharpen. Choose compassion and compassion will choose you!


The Magic Waterfall


This is an incredible journey of detoxification and rejuvenation… Enjoy!    Over the next few months we are releasing a series of guided meditations focusing on the most effective ways to let go and move on.   This is the first in the series.

We use a simple acronym to summarize this approach – F.A.L.L, which stands for Feel it, Acknowledge it and Lovingly Let go.  The more you use this method the more you will enjoy personal liberation and peace of mind.

The Focused Mind


Begin by spending some time every day becoming clearer about your desired destination….  try focusing on where you want to go and  how you can best move in that direction…. the clearer you become about your goals the more intoxicated and uplifted you will feel….  Try, as often as you can, seeing clearly on the screen of your mind where you’re heading…. what it looks like, what it feels like…. with time and practice you will feel deeply connected to that brighter future….  obsessively focus on your vision, your dreams, your hopes in this way…  and you will find your clarity increases and the power for positive change rises in you…. it’s magical…. powerful…. beautiful….

Thank you for the gift of


This is a meditation you will want to do again and again.   It’s clear, simple and profound.  You will be invited to find things to be grateful for.  The grateful mind really does have no room for complaint.   So if you engage in this positive ritual, you will find that your mind and heart become wonderful sanctuaries… havens of peace and love.




The Reach Approach

Reach is a large private psychotherapy and personal development practice, based in the UK, with a national and international reputation for face-to-face work and also for producing self-help products and resources.


Reach is led by a senior management team of 4 very experienced psychotherapists who are skilled in a variety of disciplines. They manage all the activities and developments across the practice. There are a further 8 lead partners, with special responsibility for different aspects of our work. In addition, there is a UK network of therapists, which currently numbers 65. The team is made up of: counsellors, psychotherapists, hypnotherapists, nutritionists and naturopaths who specialize in a holistic and integrative approach.


As a result of our successful franchise scheme, we also have over a dozen practitioners overseas – this part of the practice is developing all the time.

Synergy is the answer

Our model has been developed on the back of research and clinical practice over the last 35 years.  In that time, we have discovered that ‘synergy is the panacea for all ills’.

Experience has taught us that until we realize we are unlikely to find all our answers in any one place, we will continue to go through the countless revolving doors which promise to meet all our needs, only to find that they repeatedly disappoint.


A strategy that meets the diverse needs of the human condition is what’s needed and this is what The Reach Approach offers… take a look and decide for yourself.

The Story of Health

The Story of Health summarizes clearly and beautifully our belief that until the needs of mind, body, spirit and environment are met, psychological, emotional and physical health and well-being will remain beyond our reach.

Our whole model is based on helping each individual to work out and create their own story of health.  This requires honesty in facing one’s own demons, practice of positive and uplifting activities and compassion and patience to enable positive changes to take place.

Offering sustainable solutions

We believe that whether you’re suffering with anxiety, anger, panic, worry, fear, depression, low self-esteem, relationship difficulties or a loss of direction and meaning in your life, we can help you find a sustainable solution.

Sustainable solutions are not about quick fixes, although there are times when a quick fix will do.  Sustainable solutions are in fact about recognizing what is at the root of one’s problem and dealing with causes rather than symptoms.  In that way, when the problem is treated, the individual doesn’t keep going around the same loop, or find their problem turns up by another name in another area of their life… sound familiar?

Our belief is it takes as long as it takes.  What matters is doing it properly.

Easton Hamilton, Director
Tel : 0121 354 2756

Jo Kilburn, Assistant Director
Tel : 0121 240 7329

Elaine Jackson, Senior Partner
Tel : 0121 242 6523

Judith Madeley, Senior Partner
Tel : 0121 711 1196

If you’re interested in our services then please contact us for an information pack and a catalogue.

You can also contact us via email info@thereachapproach.co.uk


  1. I love The Reach Approach! It is all inclusive process for sustainable change and the people who run Reach are tremendous, compassionate and caring. I use the meditations daily.
    So happy to have found The Reach Approach.

    • Thank your for your kind and positive feedback about our guided meditations. Although our entire collection can’t be found in any one place, you will find the majority on our YouTube channel and also here in our gift shop. We hope you’ll continue to enjoy and benefit from our work.

  2. Reach ROCKS……….. Thank you for all that you share through the web site, the most beautiful guided meditations and the BEST phone app Happy Hints……….. AMAZING…………. Yippppeeeeee!!!!!!! Everyone share the LOVE and messages of wisdom gifted to us through The Reach Apprach …….
    Thank You with all my heart …….. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Thank you so much Keeley, for your enthusiastic endorsement. We deeply appreciate your heartfelt thanks. Wishing you the best of everything on the road ahead. You too are amazing!!

    • Dear Dian, Thank you for your appreciation of our work. Please keep sharing our messages with all those you think may benefit. We have many more meditations planned for this year, so please keep coming back and benefiting from our message of loving-kindness.

  3. Please extend my thanks and appreciation to the wonderful voice who brings your wisdom, peace and joy into all our lives. He is a joy to listen to. May I know his name?

    • Dear Kathryn, thank you for taking the time to share your kind, generous feedback. The ‘wonderful voice’ you referred to is Easton Hamilton. He is the director and founder of The Reach Approach and is the voice behind nearly all of our guided meditations. I will pass on your lovely comments. Long may you continue to benefit from our work. Jo.

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