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Order Creates Peace


There is no doubt that when you create order in your life it generates peace of mind. The reason so few of us experience the friendship of peace is because our lives are so full and cluttered. We have traded in simplicity and clarity for a life that is too busy and shrouded with demands. Our pursuit of kudos and materialism has deceived us into believing that the more we have the happier we will be! Such a mind is rarely at peace.

Virtue or Vice?


Our relationship with time is literally killing us…. The myth that going faster is somehow better is in fact corrupting the mind, body and spirit. Instead of our flames flickering like candles, gently expending our energy in beautiful, kind and harmonious ways, most of us are living like raging infernos, consuming everything in our path and unfortunately consuming ourselves in the process too! Listen to this recording as it invites you to move more slowly towards your promise and potential.