Our backing tracks have been much sought after over the years, as they are all original pieces written exclusively for our work. Time Beckons is the latest in our instrumental series. All of the tracks are taken from our most recent meditations – each one offering a unique voyage into the unknown, in order that it may become known.

There are more pieces that are being composed and this collection will be added to over the next few months.

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Autumn Comes is another track from the Time Beckons series.  It is a beautifully seductive and hypnotic piece, which invites the listener to immerse their mind in the quantum realms of silence.  Listen to this track regularly and you’ll find it will entice you to further explore the inner cosmos.


All of the tracks in this series have been composed by Gareth Williams, who has produced these original pieces using his incredible talents and imagination to write musical scores that have created the ambience we were looking for and supported our inspirational messages.  We hope you enjoy this instrumental as much as we do.




Time Beckons is the title track in this series of instrumentals.  Over the last 30 years we have found that there has been a special love for the soundtracks that we have used in our meditations.  We’re well aware they’re not to everyone’s taste because music is such a subjective thing – but we have tried to create original works of art that haven’t always followed the modern idea of what constitutes meditation.


Meditation can be carried out whilst we walk, cook, dance, chill out, engage in conversation and of course, just being.  For each of these activities a ‘meditational mind’ can be cultivated and music can be part of that transaction.  In different ways we believe all our tracks make it possible to cross the bridge from the ordinary to the divine.  This series has been lovingly produced in collaboration with the very talented composer and musician Gareth Williams who has at every step created something more magical than we’d asked for.


Time Beckons reaches deep down into the essence of our beings, inviting us to keep walking towards the door of infinite possibility, to become time travellers, using the past to inform the present and ensuring the present guarantees the future that we seek.  We hope you enjoy this wonderful rendition.




Often on this path of personal growth we can feel alone, trapped in our fear, our pain and despair.  But if we choose to walk with faith, drawing on whatever it is we believe in, we soon discover we are not alone.  For each of us there is something that we can connect to other than ourselves.  That might be family, our religious beliefs, it might be the universe or our own concept of something greater than ourselves.


Whatever we find to connect with is very personal to each of us and we should not be deterred from focusing on that which supports us. Walk With Me is a beautiful instrumental that conjures that feeling of being accompanied.  Immerse yourself in its dulcet tones and you will be transported to a place of safety and security, a place where you never feel alone.


We are grateful to Gareth Williams for another masterpiece.