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And Still I Rise


Our philosophy is firmly anchored in the belief that there is no failure in trying. The person who keeps giving the best account of themselves whatever issues and challenges they face is already victorious. Victory does not necessarily mean you cross the line first because victory is also about knowing how to embrace defeat, in order that we are not defeated.


The one who can accept what the moment presents them with, but continues to rise, is the one who will reach her desired destination. This simple but powerful meditation will remind you it’s only how many times you rise that matters. You are not defined by how many times you fall.


Change is a Process


This is another of our unique meditations, which will help you to better understand how you can achieve your life goals. The more we understand the nature of change and work with her rather than against her, the more our preferred outcomes are likely to occur.


Change is a Process Not an Event is one of our informational/instructional meditations. Please use it as a template to strike up a positive conversation with yourself, time and life’s possibilities. The more you listen the better the results will be.


Courage is My Name


This beautiful, yet simple meditation reminds us of the importance of self-talk.  Our mental health is determined by the conversations we have with ourselves.  We cannot put too much time or effort into this.  The more you make this a healthy obsession, the more your obsession will make you healthy!


Please make time to take this journey at regular intervals.  If you like our message, please share it with others.  Thank you.


Listening… The Jewel in the Crown


There is now much talk of kindness, compassion and forgiveness and rightly so. If we really are to discover the better angels of our nature, then we unquestionably need to become acquainted with these three giants. Alongside these an honest heart, gratitude and humility are essential. Surely if we walk with them by our sides our destination is assured; failure simply wouldn’t be an option.


And yet this list of great virtues is incomplete without the jewel in the crown. Listening is the jewel… that guarantees our growth and success. This beautiful hypnotic meditation will invite you to ‘listen in’, in order that you can truly hear what you need to enhance your heart and soul.


Remember to Remember


The main reason we keep going around the same negative loops, undermined by the past, is because we forget. We forget to focus on the things that really matter and then are weakened by the patterns of familiarity. Where our attention goes, our energy flows. If we are to fulfil our reason for being here we must be mindful about where we put our focus. Those who remember to do this will reach their preferred destination.


Use this meditation regularly to remind you of the things that matter the most. If you like our work and are happy to support us in spreading the messages of loving-kindness, then please share your experience with others.


Who Are You Really?


Who are you really?

This is arguably the most important question we will ever ask ourselves – and hopefully answer. This is because until we know who we are we are unlikely to be able to fulfill our reason for being here.


So we invite you to listen to this meditation with your mind and heart open. Allow yourself to drop into the sea of consciousness and see what emerges. The more you ponder this age-old question the more likely you are to find the answer. This meditation will help you to do just that.