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F.A.L.L. – Face, Acknowledge and Lovingly Let Go


It may seem a paradox to invite you to FALL when you want to rise, but it is often in the ‘leaning into’ something that you are wary of, even afraid of, that you are able to become free of it. Our reluctance and fear keep us stuck. As you lean into your denial, resistance and sadness you discover that what you have been running away from is far scarier in your mind than in reality.


Take this journey often and you will become desensitised… free, liberated in fact.


Lovingly Let Go


Even in our modern world with its demands, stress and bedlam, the ancient philosophy of mantras can help you to carve out a slice of peace in each day.  They can help you to find a sanctuary that keeps you safe amidst the storm, an oasis that quenches your thirst and nourishes your being.

We have seen in our work over several decades the power mantras have to transform despair into hope, anger into forgiveness, anxiety into courage and depression into faith and belief.

Lovingly Let Go is a simple and profound template, which you can use to set yourself free.

The Magic Waterfall


This is an incredible journey of detoxification and rejuvenation… Enjoy!    Over the next few months we are releasing a series of guided meditations focusing on the most effective ways to let go and move on.   This is the first in the series.

We use a simple acronym to summarize this approach – F.A.L.L, which stands for Feel it, Acknowledge it and Lovingly Let go.  The more you use this method the more you will enjoy personal liberation and peace of mind.