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Change is a Process


This is another of our unique meditations, which will help you to better understand how you can achieve your life goals. The more we understand the nature of change and work with her rather than against her, the more our preferred outcomes are likely to occur.


Change is a Process Not an Event is one of our informational/instructional meditations. Please use it as a template to strike up a positive conversation with yourself, time and life’s possibilities. The more you listen the better the results will be.


Conscious Breathing


This short but beautiful journey will remind you of probably the thing we most take for granted… breathing.  If we would just find a few moments each day to breathe with awareness, gratitude and appreciation, we could overturn so many of our unwanted habits and negative patterns.  Practise conscious breathing on a daily basis and watch how your life miraculously changes.  The formula is simple: breathe in what you need, and breathe out that which is no longer valuable to you.  Enjoy…

Courage is My Name


This beautiful, yet simple meditation reminds us of the importance of self-talk.  Our mental health is determined by the conversations we have with ourselves.  We cannot put too much time or effort into this.  The more you make this a healthy obsession, the more your obsession will make you healthy!


Please make time to take this journey at regular intervals.  If you like our message, please share it with others.  Thank you.


Dearest Past


There is no future in the past! So you cannot make your life anew by continuously looking backwards. However, it is important to realise that an unresolved past will keep defining your experience in the now. Your mistakes do not exist to punish you, they are your tutors. Take this journey and learn how to make peace with your past mistakes so you can move into a brighter future.