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Lief Verleden


Er is geen toekomst in het verleden! Dus, je kunt je leven niet vernieuwen door constant terug te kijken. Hoewel, het is belangrijk om je te realiseren dat een onopgelost verleden je blijft achtervolgen in je ervaringen van nu. Je vergissingen zijn er niet om je te straffen maar zijn je docenten. Neem deze reis en leer hoe je vrede kunt maken met je vergissingen uit het verleden zodat je door kunt naar een heldere toekomst.

Listening… The Jewel in the Crown


There is now much talk of kindness, compassion and forgiveness and rightly so. If we really are to discover the better angels of our nature, then we unquestionably need to become acquainted with these three giants. Alongside these an honest heart, gratitude and humility are essential. Surely if we walk with them by our sides our destination is assured; failure simply wouldn’t be an option.


And yet this list of great virtues is incomplete without the jewel in the crown. Listening is the jewel… that guarantees our growth and success. This beautiful hypnotic meditation will invite you to ‘listen in’, in order that you can truly hear what you need to enhance your heart and soul.


Lovingly Let Go


Even in our modern world with its demands, stress and bedlam, the ancient philosophy of mantras can help you to carve out a slice of peace in each day.  They can help you to find a sanctuary that keeps you safe amidst the storm, an oasis that quenches your thirst and nourishes your being.

We have seen in our work over several decades the power mantras have to transform despair into hope, anger into forgiveness, anxiety into courage and depression into faith and belief.

Lovingly Let Go is a simple and profound template, which you can use to set yourself free.

Making Mistakes (short version)


Our most important lessons and insights come from having the humility to look at when we are in the wrong.  Looking at and owning our mistakes does not diminish us in any way.  In fact when we have the maturity to look at ourselves in this way both our conscience and consciousness expand.  Take this short, profound journey regularly and watch your mistakes become your greatest tutors.