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Making Peace With Myself


Peace of mind is our most precious gift. Whatever else we ‘possess’ without this quality the mind is unable to be a sanctuary, a place of refuge. This recording will help you to restore balance and harmony to a troubled mind….
Until we realise that peace of mind is not a commodity that can be ‘purchased’ outside ourselves, it will be a state of being we crave and never truly experience. Real peace can only be cultivated from within…. so learn this fabulous art!


My Inner Sanctuary


The mind is truly incredible.  It has the capacity to change hell into heaven.  It can also, if we allow, contaminate something special, squeezing out the joy and the magic.  This journey is an opportunity to use your mind to create your own ‘heaven’, a sanctuary in which you are comforted and held, able to grow and blossom.  Why not take this journey now and experience that inner bliss.

Ne Rien Demander


Voici un voyage unique qui vous permet de réaliser tout ce que vous voulez sans rien demander pour vous-même. La chose la plus étonnante, c’est que lorsque nous pratiquons l’altruisme tous nos propres besoins sont automatiquement satisfaits! Faites ce voyage de générosité pendant 30 minutes, et observez comment votre gentillesse sera récompensée sans que vous n’ayez rien demandé pour vous-même. C’est une véritable merveille de l’univers…

Nežádejte o nic… a získejte vše


Jedná se o unikátní cestu, která vám přinese vše, co chcete, aniž byste žádali o cokoliv pro sebe. Úžasné na tom je to, že pokud nejsme sobečtí, všechny naše osobní potřeby jsou automaticky naplňovány! Absolvujte tuto 30 minutovou cestu, cestu dávání, a pozorujte, jak se, bez jakéhokoliv požadování, rozvine vaše laskavost. Jedná se o opravdový zázrak vesmíru…..

Old Friend Dear Friend


This profound 10 minute meditation offers you a simple script for dealing with your mistakes and relapses. Far too often we are weakened by our own inner critic and voices of self-condemnation. There really is no benefit in such self-talk. Old Friend, Dear Friend is a beautiful way to make peace with your mistakes so you can learn from them and keep moving forward in a positive way…

Order Creates Peace


There is no doubt that when you create order in your life it generates peace of mind. The reason so few of us experience the friendship of peace is because our lives are so full and cluttered. We have traded in simplicity and clarity for a life that is too busy and shrouded with demands. Our pursuit of kudos and materialism has deceived us into believing that the more we have the happier we will be! Such a mind is rarely at peace.

Oude vriend lieve vriend


Deze diepgaande 10 minuten meditatie biedt je een simpele hand-leiding om, met je vergissingen en terugvallen om te gaan. Veel te vaak worden we verzwakt door ons eigen innerlijk kritiek en stemmen van zelf-afkeuring. Er is werkelijk geen voordeel om zo tegen jezelf te praten.

Oude vriend, lieve vriend is een mooie manier om vrede te maken met je vergissingen zodat je ervan kunt leren en om weer vooruit te komen op een positieve manier……