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Sin Pedir Nada


Es un viaje  verdaderamente singular hacia la consecución de todo lo que quieres sin pedir absolutamente nada para ti mismo.  ¡Es extraordinario darse cuenta de que cuando practicamos el altruismo, automáticamente todas nuestras necesidades se satisfacen!  Embárcate en este viaje de 30 minutos de dar y ver cómo sin pedir, tu bondad es recompensada.  Es realmente una maravilla del Universo.

Thank you for the gift of


This is a meditation you will want to do again and again.   It’s clear, simple and profound.  You will be invited to find things to be grateful for.  The grateful mind really does have no room for complaint.   So if you engage in this positive ritual, you will find that your mind and heart become wonderful sanctuaries… havens of peace and love.

The Child Within (short version)


The fully functioning person has a fully functioning child integrated into their personality.  Each one of us carries the three essential ingredients that come together to form the core of our humanity.  These are: parent, adult and child.  Each of these aspects is crucial in the process of becoming whole.  Take this journey often and you’ll find that wherever you are on your life’s journey your heart and mind will feel more complete


A focused mind, is a force like no other.  It has the power to make real that which you only dare imagine… it can make the impossible possible and illuminate the way through your doubts and fears.

The Focused Mind


Begin by spending some time every day becoming clearer about your desired destination….  try focusing on where you want to go and  how you can best move in that direction…. the clearer you become about your goals the more intoxicated and uplifted you will feel….  Try, as often as you can, seeing clearly on the screen of your mind where you’re heading…. what it looks like, what it feels like…. with time and practice you will feel deeply connected to that brighter future….  obsessively focus on your vision, your dreams, your hopes in this way…  and you will find your clarity increases and the power for positive change rises in you…. it’s magical…. powerful…. beautiful….