We’ve produced 2 pens, with different slogans, which are illustrated in this section. We decided to make these pens quality items so that they can continue to be used for many years to come. Like all Reach products they are modestly priced and we hope you will choose to purchase them for yourself and as gifts. If they prove popular we plan to extend the range of slogans available. The 2 we’ve chosen have been amongst the most popular over the last 20 years. These pens are smart, substantial, twist action, ball points with lacquered barrel, chrome trim and comfort grip. We chose these high quality Schneider pens for their smooth, easy writing and durability – and refills are also widely available promising many happy years of writing.

Miracles are Made

This affirmation was conceived out of working with individuals who were facing enormous challenges and who learnt to invoke their personal power and so influence their destinies. Rather than waiting for something to happen, they realised that the power to change lay in their own hands and so they became architects for positive change.

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Practice Makes Permanent

Until what we are putting into practice attaches itself to our hearts and minds it will not be sustained and we will again fall foul of those negative patterns we seek to leave behind. If you want to install something in your life forever then practise is the key. Only then will it become permanent! It is often said “practice makes perfect” and we believe this is undoubtedly true. However before perfection can be attained we need to make our endeavours stick.

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