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Choose to learn from your mistakes


The wording inside this card reads:
There’s no shame in getting things wrong.
The shame comes from hiding those mistakes.
When you next get something wrong, rather than defending your position come what may, simply surrender to the truth that mistakes are in fact amongst your best tutors.
This habit leads to a life of perpetual learning and growth.

It’s what you do that counts!


These really are unique cards, with unique messages. We’re sure you’ll want to add them to the way that you express your thoughts and feelings to those you love or would want to uplift and inspire in some way.
The wording inside this card reads:
Knowledge takes us to the door of understanding but it’s actually courage and application that open that door. Waiting on the other side is a life full of promise; a life where your dreams are waiting to be fulfilled.
Don’t sit comfortably in the illusion that what you know counts for very much, because it’s what you do with what you know that really makes the difference!

Make patience and perseverance your companions


The wording inside this card reads:
Learn to wait joyously. Waiting does not have to be torturous. It’s our impatience that takes the peace and tranquility out of waiting.
There is at least one miracle you can find in each day…. but you have to look. Don’t let those days of doubt and feelings of inadequacy overshadow your belief and efforts. It takes time to change the inner landscape. Know that waiting is in fact part of the process.

Patience is the mother of wisdom


The wording inside this card reads:
Wisdom understands that waiting is a virtue.
This isn’t the sort of waiting where one impatiently taps one’s fingers, wishing for the outcome! This is a quiet, content state of mind …
Our role is to do the best that we can and then patiently wait for the fruits of our actions. The very best results are achieved with a patient mind…. patience is indeed the Mother of wisdom.



As a response to the phenomenal interest in Happy Hints, we’ve now produced a range of greeting cards. These cards have all been based on the Happy Hints themselves and have been deliberately designed to be applicable to all occasions – they’re appropriate for anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas or to simply say ‘thank you’. There is a card that will suit all occasions.
The quality of the cards is first class as we wanted to produce something that people would want to keep so we’re sure you won’t be disappointed. The cards are very reasonably priced because we wanted to make them accessible to the widest possible audience.

Seek out things that make your heart sing!


The wording inside this card reads:
A positive mind feeds off positive activities, relationships and information…
Make it your life’s mission to listen to music that makes your heart sing, to read literature that uplifts and inspires you and seek out people who help you focus. Fill your life with things that entertain you and that make you laugh…. and your life will always resonate with peace and contentment.