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Dulwich Health

dulwich_health_logoDulwich Health Ltd. is a social enterprise that’s been operating for over 20 years. It exists to help people rather than to maximise profits. The majority shareholding is held by a cancer charity which helps cancer patients directly. So any surplus is transferred to this charity. Dulwich Health’s contribution to trying to find the solution to cancer is a unique one. We would highly recommend the book they produced, ‘CANCER – The Full Menu’ by Rolf Gordon. We have had a long and successful relationship with Dulwich; we respect their ethos and integrity and can vouch for the effectiveness of their products. Dulwich has a unique range and we would particularly recommend Oxytech, Alitech, Raditech, Magnatech, Lo-Sterol and the Zen Chi Massager and PT Rebounder. They literally have something for everyone.


We have been using and recommending Cytoplan products for the last decade and have complete confidence in the quality of their products. We also know that the organisation honours the principles of holism and delivers its service with integrity. This is why we’ve established a partnership with Cytoplan that will benefit all the users of our site.


Introducing Vocab…

Vocab is a clothing line with a difference, aimed at the fashion conscious with a conscience.

Salts Clays Minerals

Do you suffer from muscle, joint, back aches, pains, arthritis, eczema, allergies, stress, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, poor digestion and elimination, suspected heavy metal or other form of toxicity, slow metabolism, water retention, high blood pressure, poor circulation? If yes, why not try a fresh, holistic approach to restoring your health using powerful healing properties of clays, muds and salts? Minerals have been used by humans and animals to address numerous problems for millions of years, so they are not new to us, simply forgotten, with our increasing reliance on medicines. There is not a single health condition which minerals cannot help.

Relax & Revive

Maria Moseley is a highly experienced Sports and Holistic Therapist, specialising in deep tissue, sports massage, remedial work and lymph drainage. Maria has a private clinic based in Sutton, Birmingham (UK) and also works in a variety of different settings and environments. Her clients include: The corporate sector, professional athletes, performing artists such as : Usher, Bruno Mars, Papa Roach, Disturbed, Foreigner and Disney on Ice. She also works with the general public. Maria’s methods and techniques have proved very effective working with both sports injury and a diverse range of physical conditions. Now as a result of her extensive hands-on experience, Maria has used her knowlege of anatomy and physiology as well as the vital therapeutic role that essential oils play in healing and the restoration of health, to launch a new range of products. These include: facial scrubs, moisturisers, toners, preparations for specific conditions, oils for sports massage/injury as well as oils for general use.

Water for Health

One of the major advances in natural medicine in the last decade is the realisation that the acid alkaline balance of the body is critical to our health. Research has shown that modern lifestyles, nutritional deficiencies, high levels of stress and environmental pollution can all lead to a deviation of the delicate body pH balance resulting in acidosis. This is believed to be a major factor involved in most degenerative diseases such as diabetes, cancers, cardio vascular problems, arthritis etc. in addition to having a major impact on neurological problems.  To achieve optimum health it is important to focus on balancing body pH.  Doing so will improve energy levels, boost your immunity, improve mood and generally slow down the ageing process.

Water for Health has agreed to give a special 10% discount to clients of Reach and those who are users of our site. To access this discount either quote Reach when ordering a product over the phone or enter ‘Reach’ in the code box at checkout on their website. We particularly recommend their excellent water jug for those wanting to take water more seriously.