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Conscious Breathing


This short but beautiful journey will remind you of probably the thing we most take for granted… breathing.  If we would just find a few moments each day to breathe with awareness, gratitude and appreciation, we could overturn so many of our unwanted habits and negative patterns.  Practise conscious breathing on a daily basis and watch how your life miraculously changes.  The formula is simple: breathe in what you need, and breathe out that which is no longer valuable to you.  Enjoy…

F.A.L.L. – Face, Acknowledge and Lovingly Let Go


It may seem a paradox to invite you to FALL when you want to rise, but it is often in the ‘leaning into’ something that you are wary of, even afraid of, that you are able to become free of it. Our reluctance and fear keep us stuck. As you lean into your denial, resistance and sadness you discover that what you have been running away from is far scarier in your mind than in reality.


Take this journey often and you will become desensitised… free, liberated in fact.


Key Principles for Growth DVD


An amazing journey made up of many smaller journeys that will gently lead you to invaluable insights and realisations. Due to the pace of modern life we spend so little time being still and reflective and as a result we are unable to see the truths that life mirrors back at us.

Remember to Remember


The main reason we keep going around the same negative loops, undermined by the past, is because we forget. We forget to focus on the things that really matter and then are weakened by the patterns of familiarity. Where our attention goes, our energy flows. If we are to fulfil our reason for being here we must be mindful about where we put our focus. Those who remember to do this will reach their preferred destination.


Use this meditation regularly to remind you of the things that matter the most. If you like our work and are happy to support us in spreading the messages of loving-kindness, then please share your experience with others.


The Focused Mind


Begin by spending some time every day becoming clearer about your desired destination….  try focusing on where you want to go and  how you can best move in that direction…. the clearer you become about your goals the more intoxicated and uplifted you will feel….  Try, as often as you can, seeing clearly on the screen of your mind where you’re heading…. what it looks like, what it feels like…. with time and practice you will feel deeply connected to that brighter future….  obsessively focus on your vision, your dreams, your hopes in this way…  and you will find your clarity increases and the power for positive change rises in you…. it’s magical…. powerful…. beautiful….

The Magic Waterfall


This is an incredible journey of detoxification and rejuvenation… Enjoy!    Over the next few months we are releasing a series of guided meditations focusing on the most effective ways to let go and move on.   This is the first in the series.

We use a simple acronym to summarize this approach – F.A.L.L, which stands for Feel it, Acknowledge it and Lovingly Let go.  The more you use this method the more you will enjoy personal liberation and peace of mind.