All You Need To Know


Are you hurting inside? If so, the solutions you seek actually live within you. Learn how to access your inner wisdom through the joyous practice of mindfulness….


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This is two journeys in one. The first half is about questioning the heart and listening for the answers. In a world that is increasingly busy and hectic, probably the most important skill which is rapidly being lost…. is that of listening. Without really listening we miss so much of the important detail in life, especially in our closest relationships, which particularly includes the relationship with ourselves! Part 1 encourages the art of reflective listening. Part 2 follows on almost seamlessly, allowing the listener to delve deeper into the whisperings of the heart. This creative, colourful excursion invites the mind to stretch itself and find the answers that lie dormant within. When you say you don’t know, you shut the door on knowing. Experience has taught us that the more you venture within, the more you will find all you need to know.



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