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The world is crying out for positive change everywhere you look, but it’s important for us to realise that the greatest contribution we can all make is to change ourselves.   It’s time to move beyond our limitations.  It’s time for rebirth.

What can help with this undertaking is to understand that the brain perceives, and the mind interprets.

We take in information through our senses, and the brain is busy labelling all the data, allocating meaning based on that which has gone before.  The brain uses the ‘evidence’ of past experiences to determine how it will act in the future.  This evidence is its primary point of reference.  Decisions are continuously made on the back of the past until new information is imbibed and acted upon.  If nothing changes, our brains return to the same familiar grooves.

Acting in accordance with the past is great whilst things are moving in the right direction, but awful when they’re not.  It is the mind that can correct our perceptions and allocate new meaning.

Initially the brain will resist, because it needs evidence to support the new paradigm offered by the mind.  This is what is typically experienced as doubt, anxiety, and even fear.  At this point many of us wave the white flag of surrender, because the old and familiar tell us that the challenge of positive change is too great, and the power of familiarity is a more comfortable resting place.

Moving beyond your limitations means refusing to accept the old narrative and using your mind to build a new one.  Do not be intimidated by the tug of war between the brain and mind.  Persuade the brain to cooperate and go with you on this new adventure.

The brain is not opposing you; it is acting in accordance with what it ‘knows’.  Until it is provided with a new knowing it will only trust what has already been recorded.  When you nurture the special relationship between the brain and the mind, there is nothing beyond your reach.

In 2022 make more time to do things that are relaxing, soothing, and calming.  This engages the parasympathetic nervous system, which encourages our brains and bodies to recover and heal.  The more time we spend soothing our senses in positive silence, the more the tension between the brain and mind is removed.  And the most wondrous things will unfold in ways you would never have imagined.

“Fortune is powerless to help one who does not exert himself”.

Leonardo da Vinci

 (1452 – 1519)


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