The Chant of Peace


Chant of Peace: Every heart and mind craves peace – that feeling of being at one with the self, the world and all living things. This tracks calls upon you to be still and join the chorus of peace with your most kind and compassionate thoughts. Why not join in?


Our vocal work in the form of guided commentaries, meditations and ‘bite-sized insights’ continues to grow. We’ve now produced in excess of 75 of these pieces of work, with many more on the way.
To complement these productions we’ve had another generation of instrumental backing tracks composed and as with our Ancient Traveller series these backing tracks have become popular in their own right. And so we’ve decided to sell them as downloads, for the modest price of £1. Hopefully, because of the variation in composition, rhythm and mood, you’ll find a track that suits you. Although these were designed with meditation and relaxation in mind, we think you’ll find them a joy to listen to at other times too.


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