The Child Within


When we learn to respect the mind, it responds by respecting us. This practice takes time but if we are persistent, the dividends are enormous. Learn how to free yourself from anxiety and depression and reclaim your self-worth….


Creative visualisation is an ancient art much needed in our modern times. Why not use it to help free you from your unhealthy patterns, negative mood states and any disturbing memories?…..

Meeting and embracing the child within is at the heart of the healing process. Until this relationship is repaired there will always be the feeling that ‘something’ is missing from our lives. Take this unusual journey back down the corridor of the past and reconnect with the purest aspect of the self. It’s awe inspiring…

All of our recordings are original, both in terms of the music and the script. We’re sure that once you’ve taken this particular journey, it will be one you will want to repeat again and again. Listen to the sample and decide for yourself.


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