The Path Of Least Resistance


Deep relaxation is such a powerful antidote to all human limitations. It helps us to access courage, transcend fear and stave off self-doubt. It also gently soothes the heart and mind….


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The nature of the mind is to relax, all it needs is the space and permission to do so. The more you listen to this CD the more you will be able to access parts of your unconscious mind that are not readily available to you in your normal ‘waking-state’. Having access to parts of the self that are unconsciously driving your thoughts, feelings, behaviour and perceptions is a wonderful opportunity to mould your consciousness in ways that reflect who you really want to be. ‘The Path of Least Resistance’ is an opportunity to use deep relaxation as an instrument for lasting change. This is a real chance to break free of any unwanted habits and patterns so you can create new, improved ways of being. This recording will help you establish a positive template both for the present and the future. Try it and see what wonders you can create


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